Vedantu – CX Head – IIT/NIT/BITS (2-5 yrs)


– Setup and run the Post Sales function for Vedantu Early Learning

– Execute complex operations and solve problems persistently and at a lightning speed

– Improve the efficiency of the system by suggesting and executing new solutions

– Responsible for customer experience, handling all escalations

– Coordinate with tech, curriculum and cross-functional teams to resolve customer issues

– Lead a two tier team of 10 TLs and approx. 100+ PRMs to effectively manage and improve day to day operations

Required Skills:

– First principle problem solving, analytical skills, data-driven focused decision making

– Good people management, team building, and program management skills

– Stakeholder Management with business development, transformation, Design and internal operations teams

– Strongly inclined to do high quality and impactful work in a dynamic and unstructured environment

Eligibility Criteria:

– Undergraduate degree from a Tier I college/university in India (IIT, BITS, NIT, etc.)

– Experience of around 2-4 years, should have led a team in the past

– Ability/Willingness to build and execute operational capabilities, processes, and systems

– Good understanding of consumer experience and levers to improve it

– Excellent communications and sound analytical skills


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