Vasutti – Vice President – Quality (15-20 yrs)

  • Full Time
  • Mumbai
  • Full Time
  • Mumbai

As Vice President – Quality, you will work closely with senior management team to drive Quality initiatives across the organization and bring efficiencies and effectiveness in processes.

This role is pivotal in developing a culture of innovation with an aim of providing superior client-service, by strengthening quality of internal processes.


– Responsible for overall operations quality, customer satisfaction, OSAT, and process improvement projects across the organization.

– Responsible for ensuring smooth set up and function of quality and process improvement team to meet business, internal and certification requirements; this involves designing functional level policies and procedures and driving standardization across all clients.

– Develop process improvement and innovation strategy for client business, planning, and execution of projects, managing process improvement program for client engagement(s).

– Works in partnership with Operations and Training team to study and analyze trends in Quality following through with recommendations and to ensure that the organization can train and develop the people with strong focus on quality metrics as per laid down process.

– Provide regular updates on quality initiatives and process improvement projects to key project stakeholders across the organization as required.

– Research to create value added proposals for prospective and existing clients.

– Process mapping and identifying non-value add steps to create lean and agile processes.

– Manage Quality and Process Improvement Team to improve internal quality and customer satisfaction (OSAT/ NPS)


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