Senior Specialist – Training – BFSI (4-9 yrs)

A Trainer maximizes contact center representatives’ effectiveness by ensuring representatives have a thorough knowledge of products, services, can effectively use closing skills, resolve problems and provide positive customer experience to existing and potential customer base.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

– Plans, conducts, coordinates, and implements a comprehensive training program for staff. Training components will be geared toward new hires, existing staff, and individuals who seek one-on-one assistance.

– Prepares new representatives by conducting a training session on service processes; developing individual coaching plans; providing resources and assistance and scheduling ongoing training.

– Determines training needs by observing training needs and customer experience results reports; conferring with management.

– Develops individual results by providing coaching; conducting training sessions; developing outcome improvement resources.

– Improves training effectiveness by developing new approaches and techniques; making support readily available; integrating support with routine job functions.

– Engages in all customer service delivery tasks, including but not limited to process improvement, group and individual call observation, quality calibration and mentoring activities.

– Thorough understanding of competition within industry and new product development and launches.

– Performs all other duties as required.

Required Qualifications :

– A graduate/PostGraduate in any stream

– Excellent presentation skills (verbal and written), as well as ability to motivate, teach and inspire staff.

– Operational knowledge of MS Office: Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

– Ability to develop training and methodology programs that are unique to the organization’s goals.

– Customer service training experience (minimum of 3 years in industry or related field).

– Ability to problem-solve.

– Strong analytical and decision-making skills.

– Self-development skills.

– Ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize.


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