Senior Manager – Legal – FMCG (12-20 yrs)

  • Full Time
  • Mumbai
  • Full Time
  • Mumbai

Knowledge & skillset Required

– Knowledge of all requisite Laws, Rules and Regulations related to the Food & Beverage industry; such as, the Food Safety Standards Act(s) or Legal Metrology etc.

– Extremely strong communication and negotiation skills.

– Effective initiative and leadership qualities to get matters resolved through thorough investigation and discussion with those concerned, and in consultation with the management.


Litigation Matters

– Strategic thinking on Litigation requirements

– Ensure timely initiating legal proceedings

– Ensure timely attendance and response

– Ensure Database management of Litigations and on a quarterly basis present an updated legal cases review to the management.

Regulatory Affairs

– Ensure timely renewal of plant level and other licenses permissions by keeping a master data to be updated daily.

– Identifying and applying for new licenses / permissions for all plants and other locations

– Ensure review of product labels to comply with FSSA, IPR, Legal Metrology.

– Ensure Legal proceedings management under FSSA,Legal Metrology and any other statute as applicable

– Advising on promotional activities to ensure they are in compliance with regulatory requirements

– Ensure complete compliance of all the units

Project Management

– Ensure to carry out due diligence of new project locations

– Ensure to apply and obtain all licenses and permissions

– To make timely representations to various Govt. agencies or departments for issues related to power, water, effluent discharge etc.

– To find out about the subsidies available at various states and avail of the eligible subsidies related to power, VAT, stamp duty etc.

– Undertake and timely implement any other project undertaken at management instance Property Issues

– To carry our due diligence of new property for e.g. residential/ commercial/ industrial purpose.

– To liaise with state industrial development corporations or private party for completing the land/property transaction and getting the same registered.


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