Senior Manager – Government Relations/License & Permits – Consumer Durable (8-16 yrs)

Job Descriptions:

Key Responsibilities: (Local Language: Must)

– To develop an excellent working relationship with Government officials, Political Ministers at all levels and ensure open channels of communication.

– Monitor the economic, political, regulatory, and legal framework, gathering and analyzing information on developments or changes in policy issues that interest the company

– Mitigate operational risks arising out of local disruption or Government orders impacting business.

– Facilitate and expedite requisite licenses and permissions for business

– Work proactively with State Governments on Covid related government notifications in real time and apprise the internal stakeholders about the same thereby creating minimal disruption.

– Keep a tab on changes in Policies, Regulatory framework and work proactively with representations and work towards easing business in these states in consultation with Internal Stakeholders.

– Ensure that all the activities of the business are undertaken with full adherence to the compliance framework and practice within the ambit of utmost integrity, honesty & transparency.

– Become a trusted partner of State Governments and National & Local Industry bodies/ Chambers in all aspects of policy matters/ representations and participation.

– Execute strategic tie-ups with the State Governments


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