Senior Associate – Private Equity Practice Group – LLB (2-8 yrs)

Position: Senior Associate. We are looking for an experienced and very energetic person to support our Private Equity Practice Group.

Primary responsibility for providing business oriented legal advisory in the fields of:

– Multiple levels of investments, fund raising, corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions;

– Structuring and handholding accelerators/incubators;

– Structuring, drafting and negotiating multiple varieties of share subscription agreement, shareholders- agreement, share purchase agreement, founders agreement;

– Representing both companies and investors.

Location : Position is based in Bangalore

Skills : In-depth legal knowledge in corporate, business, and securities laws, foreign exchange regulations, IP. Ability to understand investments, complex corporate structures and coming up with solution based advice. Excellent drafting, negotiation, communication and presentation skills.

Education : LL.B. (undergraduate law degree) from a recognized university in India.

Competencies :

1. Reliability, dependability : Works hard and does what it takes to get results and meets deadlines. Takes accountability and works well in a cross functional team.

2. Writing, speaking and listening effectively : Writes, speaks and presents information effectively, clearly and with brevity. Communicates to improve understanding, decision-making and performance. Understands the value of listening to others. Thinks before speaking. Probes to understand and confirms understanding of what is heard. Encourages others to speak.

3. Composure : Handles unexpected events calmly. Successfully copes with unintended consequences. Helps co-workers thrive in stressful situations. Identifies and manages stress due to lack of control. Acts with the highest level of professionalism and maturity. Good with multi-tasking.

4. Dealing with ambiguity : Able to function well in loosely structured situations. Works effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information. Effectively handles multiple projects or tasks at the same time. Is open to and responds flexibly to change.

5. Open communication : Willing to ask and honestly answer the tough questions. Treats others- opinions with respect. Fosters open communication and candid discussions. Shares information that helps others do their job well. Keeps others in the loop.

6. Client perspective : Able to assess broader and deeper impact of decisions. Focuses on what is right for the client – not just what is best for the group, project or self. Does not act in ways that sub-optimize for the overall business of the client.

Private equity (PE) lawyers are specialized attorneys who advise PE firms on issues such as fund formation and fund-raising, regulatory compliance, investment activity, portfolio company management, exits, securities regulation, intellectual property, tax, corporate finance and restructuring, and litigation and dispute resolution. Some PE lawyers work for fund investors (e.g., endowment funds, high-wealth individuals, pension plans, and family trusts).


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