OlaMoney – AD – Operations – Insurance AOP (10-15 yrs)

OlaMoney is one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in India with an active customer base of 27 million+ customers. It is reinventing and fundamentally simplifying the customer experience for various financial products.

OlaMoney started as a wallet service provider as part of the larger Ola group but is now present in 3 additional verticals: Postpaid, Credit Card and Insurance.

Some of our key highlights are:

– OlaMoney is India’s largest postpaid/ pay later services provider. OlaMoney postpaid on Ola is 2.5X bigger than OlaMoney wallet.

– OlaMoney is the world’s largest micro-insurer and facilitate sales of over 20M policies to customers every month

– OlaMoney SBI Credit Card is the most rewarding travel credit card and the first of its kind digitally.

Key Roles/Responsibilities :

– Responsible for designing policies, overseeing customer service & sales, managing vendors/suppliers and mentoring the team to ensure smooth & efficient business operations

– The person should have a sharp analytical and strategic mind to drive efficiency and scale, while ensuring great customer experience in a fast paced environment

 Process :

– Understand each processes from end-to-end in depth in the entire business

– Own every process, understand the gap between the target and the output, responsible for all root cause analysis/cause-effect

– Coordinate customer service and sales operations and find ways to ensure customer satisfaction and retention

– Design new processes and revamp of existing processes (process improvement).

Policy :

– Define new policies, guard-rails and review/update existing policies through a policy management framework

– Ensure that the organizations operational policies are compliant with all regulatory requirements.

– Generate visibility on important areas:

– Know the Output : Stay on top of every business metrics, understand the output and impact of the output on the business.

– Know the gap : Understand the problem statement in depth, performing the RCA with the right tools and presenting the gap to the concerned team.

People :

– Lead & grow 500+ operations team: Provide direction and leadership to ensure the achievement of objectives, targets and strategic plan.

– Mentor the team & drive output driven culture across the team.

Selection of Key skills :

– Understanding the right skill of the team and the individuals.

– Maintaining the high performance of the team ensuring the right people at the right job.

– Stakeholder management: Work with cross functional team such as Business, Product, Accounting, Business Finance and Marketing to drive over action plans.

Influence the Cross-function:

– Converting the gap into strategies and action by liaising with cross-functional teams and drive the changes required. Influence the business with the improvement metrics

– Maintain strong relationships with any third-parties (vendors, suppliers) the department works with regularly to ensure smooth procurement and delivery of products & services

– Strategy & Creativity : Innovative solutions with the least and optimum cost.

Experience & Skills Required – 10 to 12 years of work experience in business operations, process excellence, process improvement and RCA

Desired Competencies:

– Desire and ability to think like the business owner

– Ability to translate gaps into execution plans and take them to completion

– Highly analytical- Willing to take calculated risks

– Excellent verbal and written communication with interpersonal skills

– Must be willing to learn

– Ability to manage and mentor a large team

– Ability to connect with people across teams & levels


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