ixigo – Company Secretary (6-8 yrs)

In your new role as a Company Secretary, you’ll be ensuring the board and its committees are provided with efficient and effective corporate governance and secretariat advice and support . You’ll inform and assist the board as to the correct procedures to be followed in accordance with their statutory, regulatory and legal obligations.

Key Responsibilities:

– Organize Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, AGMs, EGMs as required under Companies Act involving issuance of notices, drafting agenda documents, recording minutes, keeping track of all action points of the meetings taking appropriate/timely actions/steps. Coordination with Directors and Shareholders/representatives.

– Identifying opportunities to improve corporate governance and secretariat processes, improving communication, coordination and simplification

– Ensure policies are kept up to date and approved by the management, maintain statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries

– Contribute to meeting discussions, and when required advise members of the legal, governance, accounting and tax departments of the implications of proposed policies

– Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and take appropriate actions, liaise with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors

– Develop and oversee the systems that ensure the company complies with all applicable codes, in addition to its legal and statutory requirements

– Reporting to the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Stock Exchanges, Registrar of Companies, etc., and investors on the implementation of various clauses, rules, regulations and other directives of these authorities.

– Shall monitor the designated e-mail ID of the grievance redressal division which shall be exclusively maintained for the purpose of registering complaints by investors.

– Shall be co-coordinating the activities with Underwriters, Registrars, Bankers and other intermediaries.

– Ensure Adherence to all Board Procedures relating to resolutions concerning the IPO/FPO and ensuring the consent of the shareholders has been taken.

– Conformity with Articles of Association with the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 and other Compliance of various laws, rules and regulations relating to Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements. Applicable rules and regulations.

– Compliance with Listing Conditions specified under SEBI Act, SCRA and the rules made there under and those specified by Stock Exchanges.

– Quarterly / annual / periodical compliances under listing agreement like shareholding pattern, corporate governance, various certification, public notice for Board meeting, AGM, etc.

– Dispatch of Annual Report to the Shareholders / Stock exchanges and any other authorities on request received.

The skills you’ll need : 

You’ll need to be a qualified company secretary with over 6-8 years of experience and understanding of secretariat or governance roles in a listed company. You’ll also bring the ability to apply innovative and creative thinking, using this to improve services and processes while proactively managing any potential risks.


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