Head – Legal/Company Secretary – Pharma (15-20 yrs)

Head Legal & CS

Commercial agreements and contracts :

– The incumbent should be responsible to perform diligence on agreements, contracts, orders, deeds etc. with customers and vendors.

– Managing contracts and legal documentation for a broad range of commercial transactions incl. intellectual property licensing agreements, supply agreements, profit share agreements, contract manufacturing and works, non-disclosure agreements, etc.

– He will be responsible to evaluate commercial agreements from legal perspective and advise the organization appropriately.

Legal advisory and compliance :

– To be part of the General Counsel’s team, analyzing various laws, directives, rules, policies, providing legal advice to the management and handling legal matters.

– He should be aware of all the regulations in place and to raise the red flag when appropriate.

– He should advise on arbitration, negotiation and conciliation in commercial disputes between the parties

Drafting and filing :

– Reviewing and drafting of supply agreements, business agreements, etc.

– To conduct initial litigation case assessment and investigation, draft pleadings, written statements, rejoinders, applications, manage litigations, coordination with advocates, etc.

– Present facts orally and in writing to the organization, courts, authorities and legal counsels.

– Prepare and file legal documents (example contracts, deeds, agreements, suits, appeals).

– Conducting the meetings of the Board of Directors, its committees and the general meetings including drafting of agenda, minutes and follow-up of the decisions.

– Drafting of Annual Reports, Directors’ Reports, Corporate Governance Report and other notices.


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