Head – Legal & Company Secretary – IPO (18-25 yrs)

  • Full Time
  • Mumbai
  • Full Time
  • Mumbai

Legal :

– Driving the companys strategy and ensure Legal compliance

– Independently sphere-heading the corporate legal team.

– Managing agreements and drafting matters

– Should have experience into Trademarks, IPR, Agreements, etc.

– Managing litigations including pre-litigation analysis & research, communications, notices & preparation, including attending conferences with and briefing Senior Advocates

– Advising the Company on various corporate legal issues relating to Labour Laws, Excise Laws & Income Tax Laws etc. Implement best practices on good corporate governance.

– To ensure compliances of the provision of the company’s act 2013 and rules made there under. Any other statutes and by laws of the company, RBI, FEMA, and allied laws.

Company Secretary :

– Advise the board of directors on corporate governance and director’s duties. This comprises managing the interest area of the shareholders, issues of conflict in interest, investor guidelines and handling with applicable codes.

– To initiate and carry incorporation procedures like authenticating documents and proceedings used in registration; assuring delivery of registration and allotment details to registrar; making application for increase in share capital; overseeing delivery details of share certificates of allotment; keeping records of share warrant holders; to comply & file annual return; releasing statutory declaration to receive commencement certificate; managing statutory books; giving meeting updates and notices of general meetings to every member; signing and authenticating financial reports and statements (Balance Sheet & Profit & loss statements ); filing resolution with registrar and preparing minutes of all General and Board Meetings.

– Obtaining government approvals; complying with regulatory procedures of Industrial disputes; FEMA Act; State Insurance Act; Depositories Act 1996; Foreign Exchange Management Act; etc.

– Advising authorities and BOD (Board of Directors) in risk management; business policies and strategies; managing intellectual rights of the company.

– To exercise promotion and incorporation of companies; to handle company audit and certification services; to sign annual returns; to handle corporate restructuring and takeovers; to scrutinize reports and voting procedures in a transparent manner.

– As advising agent in cases of – issue of shares; drafting of prospectus / sale letter / issues related to securities/private placement and buyback of shares; raising funds from international markets; loan syndication and documentation; income tax planning; drafting of legal documents; in matters of intellectual property rights; guiding in policies of merger; amalgamation and joint ventures, etc.

Initial Public Offering: (IPO)

– To manage the end – to – end launch of organizations- IPO.

– To ensure that the company duly complies with all the legal requirements of SEBI and Stock Exchange.

– To deal with correspondence, collate information and write reports and ensure decisions made are communicated to the relevant company stakeholders.

– To contribute to discussions of the executive committee, as and when required and advise them of the legal, governance, accounting, and tax implications of proposed policies.

– To manage the work of the company’s registered office.

– To maintain investor relations, maintain cordial Public Relations with all related IPO parties and address their issues.


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