Group Head – CS & Legal (15-20 yrs)

Group Head – CS & Legal (Listed Entity)


– Advising on good governance practices and compliance of Corporate Governance norm as prescribed under various Corporate, Securities and Other Business Laws and regulations and guidelines

– Assists in developing a corporate and social sustainability framework

– Handles the promotion, formation and incorporation of companies and matters relatetherewith

– Responsible for filing, registering any document including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorized representative

– Coordinate the board/general meetings and follow-up actions there of Transposition of Shares, Issue of Share Certificates and Duplicate Share Certificates(including Preferential allotment and Right Issue) and declaration of Dividend and Creation and Modification of Charges.

– Acts as the custodian of corporate records, statutory books and registers

– Manages the Secretarial/Compliance Audit

– Signing of Annual Return where necessary and responsible for other declarations,

attestations and certifications under the Companies Act, 1956

– Incorporation of Companies, Formation of Firm/ JVA ppointment of Managerial Persons and all the matters related to managerial remuneration.

– Drafting of Agenda, Notice and Resolution for the Board meetings, Committee meetings and for AGM (including Special Notices).

– Drafting Minutes of Board Meetings, committee meetings and Shareholders Meetings.

– Preparation of Search Reports, Due Diligence Report and Statutory Report etc etc.

– To Assist in Drafting of Various types of Agreements & Deeds along with the Legal team.


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