Get Simpl – Legal Counsel Role (4-12 yrs)

Introduction to Simpl :

– Simpl (Fintech of the year – 2020) is a platform that empower retailers to grow by building long term trusted relationships with their customers, one transaction at a time. For consumers, Simpl provides frictionless access to e-commerce, trust, safety and effortless budgeting, in 1-click.

– Under the hood, we are building the payments infrastructure (identity, trust score and security) ground up for a world that is mobile first, where consumers frequently buy on the go & love convenience.

– Everyone at Simpl is an internal entrepreneur who is given a lot of bandwidth and resources to create the next breakthrough towards a new world of Networked Commerce where commerce is easy, safe, affordable without fine prints & just Simpl!

– Simpl was founded in 2015 by Nityanand Sharma and Chaitra Chidanand, and went live in 2016.

About the Role and Responsibilities:

– As a Legal Counsel at Simpl, you will work on the most exciting legal issues as disruptive technological innovations that require creative and proactive legal guidance. You’re part of a whip-smart group of executives and the projects and cases you take on challenge you to think big and differently. You are collaborative ready to partner in initiatives that influence all aspects of the business and work with external Law Firms

– In this role, you will provide both commercial legal and regulatory support ways to meet the company’s needs and keep the company thriving

– Your business responsibilities will require you to counsel the business to enable growth at scale and will include reviewing and facilitating agreements and advising on legal and other issues relating to the business

– You will work on exciting legal issues as disruptive Financial technological innovations require creative and proactive legal guidance. You’ll be part of a smart group of innovators who will challenge you to think big and differently. As an integrated part of the team, you will proactively assess legal risks and advise on products that will move cutting edge Financial Services forward and Financial Services law forward as well

– 20th century laws don’t always solve 21st century problems, and as we tend to craft innovative approaches for handling some of the toughest legal challenges of the country.

– Your role would be to take on unanswered legal quandaries and create new precedents.

– Our innovative financial services raise challenging questions that demand creative and practical answers to financial regulatory bodies and others. We provide those answers by working at the crossroads of the law and new technology, helping us build innovative and important products for our users around the world.


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