Embibe – Manager – Legal – LLB (5-8 yrs)

About Embibe


(Get ready to turn the world on its head!):

We are a tribe of passionate individuals working hard to make a tangible difference to education in the world. Each student deserves a life of no regrets. Our AI platform strives to make that possible. In fact, we are turning Ed-tech on its head!

You wonder why we say that. Allow us to explain.

The segments of Ed-tech are not primary, secondary, test prep and vocational. They can’t be when learner success is based on lifelong learning and retention. “The new paradigm we are defining is based on the depth of our platform thinking designed to maximize learner outcomes for lifelong learning. Think connecting kindergarten to MBA prep and monitoring skill acquisition not just marks! The true distribution for Ed-tech companies is:

A. Simple content aggregators: Distributing content in some UX embedded in some hardware or a transactional play like video conferencing. Consumption onus is on the student. Quality is only as good as the teacher. 99% of Ed-Tech today works like this. Its like selling a book followed in a leading educational institution. People join that place for a better life, books are not valued as much.

B. Personalized adaptive learning providers (PAL): All content backed by and tagged to a uniform taxonomy is used to deliver personalized learning paths for every student using algorithms. The personalization quality depends on the depth of tagging and the horizontal syllabus span the content covers. Fixing non-grade level performance is only possible if you can take every child back to remedy earlier learning deficiencies. Embibe has the deepest tagged content libraries in the world today and the knowledge graph permits extensive horizontal navigation for every child.

C. Learning Outcomes Platforms: This stage is only achieved when enough experimentation has happened at Stage B to know what feedback loops work. This means engaging with a platform alone can improve you. This is the holy grail. THIS is where we operate now.”

Already the OECD Learning Compass 2030, the World Economic Forum and the New Education Policy 2020 for India are talking about the same direction. That is when you know that you are already building the future. Your role in Embibe will go a long way towards making this happen.

Here are a few links to understand more about us as a company:

Embibe featured in the Reliance Industries AGM: https://vimeo.com/438485771/ec35bc5f73 Some stuff on what we were doing back in 2016 on data: https://inc42.com/resources/embibes-data-science-lab/ Recent news on our impact: https://bit.ly/HearlsGoaEmbibe Our CEO on TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9rpYLOdBdM

Roles & Responsibilities:

– Remain constantly updated on the product and platform space, emerging EdTech trends and legal

– Managing, seeking registrations and safeguarding the Company’s Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights, IP;

– Preserving the company’s IP assets such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, brand names (registrations and renewals), etc.

– Preparing and sending legal notices to clients or IP infringers, filing of legal or civil cases against debtors defaulting payments.

– Coordinating with Legal Consultants or liaising agencies in other countries for legal cases and dispute resolutions.

– Devising contracts with agents, partners, or clients as per the laws.

– Providing legal assistance to the Human Resources team for employment matters and contract to draft for employment and other related matters.

– Providing counsel and assistance to the IT department on software licensing, anti-infringement, and anti-piracy compliances.

– Coordinating with the management for consultation and strategic direction with compliance related to contractual, legal, and regulatory obligations.

– Looking after information and privacy compliance across the national/ international areas where the business exists.

– Providing legal assistance to functional/ department heads and managing leadership in developing agreements, communications, and policies.

Relevant experience

– Proven experience of 5-8 years as a Legal Counsel in business environment

– Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate law and procedures

– Full comprehension of the influences of the external environment of a corporation

– Demonstrated ability to create legal defensive or proactive strategies

– High degree of professional ethics and integrity

– Sound judgement and ability to analyse situations and information

– Outstanding communication skills

– Work Location :- Bangalore


– LLB (From Any top University)


IBM – Associate Director – Contact Center Solutions/Capability (18-20 yrs)

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