Deputy General Manager – Transition/Migration/Mobilisation (10-15 yrs)

Transition Management :

Post Contract Phase :

– Gain an in depth understanding of Client requirements, expectations (SLAs, performance parameters etc), standards and procedures and help establish exit (gating) criterion for the transition phases.

– Setup the transition/project management, track & report, governance of all transitions supported in line with the agreed transition methodology, framework and tools.

– Track scope changes and raise relevant CR’s.

– Understand the contractual requirements from both client and Cognizant perspective.

– Help transition lead formulate strategies and plans for setting up a transition environment following a RFP win.

– Remind PM towards commercial transition project milestones (if any) and ensure that invoices are raised by the project manager with reference to these dates and/or on completion of deliverables.

– Review the outcome of the Transition deliverables to determine any corrective actions that could be taken to improve future delivery in terms of cost, quality and client satisfaction.

– Establish communication plan & ensure it is followed (both internal & external).

– Monitor, evaluate & report risks during each phase of transition.

Pre-Contract Phase :

– Support RFP/RFIs and client visits.

– Work with Project and Technical teams to provide inputs to the Transition Director and assist in formulating Transition strategies and plans.

– Plan, monitor and review the Transition activities during solutioning phase.

– Pre contract due diligence, understand client requirements, arrive at Transition strategies, formulate Transition plans, set up Transition framework and plan for change management.

Delivery Support :

– Help the transition manager Implement the change management plan.

– Work with the delivery team and handhold them to ensure that there is a smooth transition into the steady state.

Governance :

– Raise relevant CRs as part of the post contract due diligence process.

– Drive escalation processes for resource issues, delayed project phases such as nonprogress of KT, missed deadlines and other planning issues.

– Responsible for timely resolution of escalated issues and implementing appropriate corrective actions.

– Ensure Transition processes in line with the transition methodology (managing risk, governance, quality assurance, issue resolution, reporting).

– Ensure Transition is within time and budget and meet the required level of quality.

Knowledge Transition :

– Plan and facilitate KT sessions during the Acquisition period and report progress to the Client Transition Management team.

– Collect inputs to track the effectiveness of KT sessions and take corrective actions as necessary.

– Identify technical constrains for niche KTs and use prior KR experiences and knowledge to propose unique staffing solutions.

– Conduct and participate in risk audits, propose and implement mitigation plans for KTs that are hostile or that which are inadequate.

– Ensure the team adhere to the Transition plan and KT process frameworks.

Sales Support :

– Work as part of the RFP team for any new or existing account and be responsible for the Transition Plan.

People Management :

– Supervise and guide Transition Analysts/Members/ Managers, if any.

– Provide inputs to the Transition Director to assist him in identifying cross skilling/ training needs.

– Good To Have Skills – Account Management Skills


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