Deputy General Counsel – Legal – BFSI (8-12 yrs)

  • Full Time
  • Chennai
  • Full Time
  • Chennai

All the activities listed below will be for the Trust as well as the group companies, as applicable

1. Ensure that the company’s corporate documents are in compliance with existing legislation and overall corporate strategy.

2. Negotiate shareholder agreements and manage shareholders of the Trust and the individual group companies

3. Manage all legal structuring for new companies being incubated by the Trust

4. Evaluate structures for transactions, M & A, investments – recommending appropriate options to the Trust leadership team

5. Draft, review and finalize beneficial legal agreements and contracts with all parties and contract management

6. Facilitate business strategies development and support the leadership team in corporate development activities such as arranging strategic alliances, securing corporate financing, divesting of assets or divisions, and management of intellectual property.

7. Anticipate issues and estimate risks strategically, monitor new government decisions and laws which impact the Trust and advise the Board of impact and opportunities

8. Manage all other day to day legal affairs of the Trust.

9. Employ and coordinate with external specialised legal services for legal advice, where required.

10. Manage the internal legal and compliance team.


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