Better – Analyst – Real Estate Success (3-7 yrs)

Role and Responsibilities:

– The Analyst – Real Estate Success role at the Better Real Estate team is part of a dynamic team in whats commonly referred to as the startup within the startup. The team serves as the first point of contact for warm leads customers looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage with Better and engaging them into working with a Better partner real estate agent who will assist them with their home search. Once we obtain a referral from the customer, it is up to the Analyst to facilitate real estate coordination for the customer, as well as provide ongoing support throughout their home buying journey.

– From the moment you obtain a referral, the next steps are to ensure that the customers home buying journey with Better is as seamless as it could be.

– From ensuring the correct data flow for the lead submission, to ensuring that the customer is matched promptly with a real estate agent, and nurturing our customers and partner real estate agents and working hand-in-hand with the Better Mortgage team, its all about providing a conscientious, informed, and excellent customer experience with Better. Think of the role as the ultimate liaison between the customer and the agent and the customer (with agent) and the mortgage team.

Day-to-day operations of the BRE team:

– Attending to customers and agent needs is at the centre of BREs daily operations, in addition to nurturing

our relationships with our partner brokerages and the Better Mortgage team.

– The operations structure is divided into shifts, with each shift largely focusing on a specific audience of our business or the customers

home buying journey.

– The shifts go into a dynamic rotation daily, so the Analyst interacts with different business audiences (customers & agents) and partners (brokerages). Shifts are organized and managed by the Real Estate Manager and can change depending on the business needs and individual circumstances


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