Azentio Software – Legal Head – LLB (20-30 yrs)

  • Full Time
  • Mumbai
  • Full Time
  • Mumbai

Job Description :

– Provide legal assistance to the organization for any legal matters including employment matters, contract drafting for employment / vendor / customer contracts et al.

– To act as an owner of company’s IP assets such as trademarks, copyrights, patents, brand names (registrations & renewals)

– Prepare & send legal notices to clients / IP infringers, filing of legal or civil case against debtors defaulting payments,

– Coordination with Legal consultant / liasioning agencies for legal cases, disputes resolutions as per local laws.

– Provide Counsel and Assistance to the organization on software licensing, anti-infringement and anti-piracy compliances

– Coordinate with Management for consultation and strategic direction with Compliance and IT for Governance, Risk, Audit and Compliance relating to

– Ensure Contractual, legal and regulatory obligations are fulfilled as required by Law

– Information and Privacy Compliance across India / UAE and other international locations.

– Legal Document Repository – Manage and oversee the Company’s commercial contracting purposes, including contract forms and legal contracts repository.

– Collaborate with stakeholders and account owners / departments to educate internal stakeholders on compliance, legal and data protection requirements and to continuously promote a culture of compliance, integrity and data protection internally.

РProvide Counsel, Assistance and Support in creation of structures and environment for ethical and legal compliances and support enforcement of global compliance policies that are applicable across multiple business / geographical units.


– Demonstrates authority and takes responsibility for significant areas in field of expertise. Can be held fully accountable for own decisions and actions, and those of subordinates.

– Uses experience to make informed decisions on selection and execution of all relevant approaches across a wide field in a management capacity. The expertise commands respect across the organisation.

– Can exert influence even without organisational authority. Is responsible for Policy Deployment

– Is able to perform work, which is largely non-routine and strategic. Can deploy methods, processes and tools in field of expertise effectively.

– Has the ability to use or exploit these methods, processes and tools within one or more organisations and/or for the advancement of expertise and knowledge

– Demonstrates leadership skills in a wide variety of contexts. Is able to understand, explain and present complex ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences at all levels in a persuasive and convincing manner. Is able to analyze and explain the risks involved in using, or not using, or not using, specialist solutions to business or organizational problems.


– Bachelor’s degree with a degree in Law


– Practice as an Advocate / experience in a Law firm representing clients in a court of Law


– Ownership

– Communication.

– Ability to work independently and must be a team Player

– Logical Thinking & Smart Problem Solving

– Process Orientation

– Initiative

– Customer Service Orientation

– Learnability

– Analytical skills.

– Self-starter, adept at multi- tasking

– Tolerance to ambiguity and openness to change.


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