Assistant Vice President – Sourcing & Procurement Service Delivery – BPO (13-20 yrs)

Assistant Vice President – Sourcing & Procurement Service Delivery


– Oversee all work delivered through a global, regional or centre service delivery operation, including managing the teams, implementing and improving standard processes and tools to drive operational efficiencies, and met operational and financial commitments.

– Support the sales process, as needed, by participating in the solution design.

– Experience across sourcing to pay operations is essential

– Direct material Sourcing, Category management, contracting support, Transaction Processing, Vendor Creation, Catalogue Management, Supplier On boarding, Tactical Buy, Statement of Work, Sourcing

– Request for Information, Request for proposal, Request for Quote, Statement of Work, Contract Lifecycle Management, Supplier Risk management

– Contract Redlining & due-diligence, Vendor & Employee helpdesk, Change / Routing desk

– Financial & Metric Analysis, Invoice processing, Statement reconciliations, Payment processing etc.

Job Purpose/Key Role :

– Provides inputs to the projects strategic directions, execution and implementation of its plans, programs and operational policies, ensuring continued growth and profitability. The Operations Manager shall help manage the operational aspects of the project assigned to him/her by the Unit Lead. This includes:

– To maintain quality and service standards in support of the contracted Service Level Agreement for business operations encompassing production planning & execution, project management & relationship management across opportunities on the source to pay domain

– To identify, recommend, and implement operational efficiencies to drive continuous improvement in the execution of the processes

– To bring oil and gas specific best practices to Accenture delivery team

– To build, support, sustain and motivate a high-performance team

– Meeting Metrics, Improve operating efficiency

– Develop relationship with client counterparts, stakeholder management

– Project delivery and operations Planning/MOS, Manage contract terms and conditions

– Coordinate and manage assigned capability roles

Nature of Interaction :

– Inform/Contract/Transmit – the most basic of communication skill needed

– Affect/Coordinate/Compromise – where cooperation is required

– Convince/Follow up/Sell – where influence is necessary

– Conciliate/Negotiate/Overcome – where diverse groups are involved

– Craft strategic alliances – where strategic deals need to be cut/forged

Major Functions and Responsibilities :

– Accountable for client satisfaction in area of responsibility, against service level agreement, and ensures achievement of key performance indicators/project milestones.

– Accountable for operational direction of complex or medium size unit within stable mature operation, or key element of volatile environment.

– Accountable for performance against financial parameters, and monitors and reports on budgetary aspects within own area. May have significant input to budget setting/financial proposals and reviews.

– Accountable for developing and managing key internal/external client relationships across sphere of influence, including situations in which no relationship previously existed.

– Responsible for medium-term planning, objective setting, and development of new procedures within area of responsibility, through interpretative judgment of overall policies and goals.

– Identifies, assesses and resolves complex business problems/issues and provides alternative scenarios.

– Provides and implements business-focused solutions within time/cost constraints.

– Responsible for fulfillment of contractual obligations/completion of deliverables within own area of responsibility.

– Responsible for communication of strategy, initiatives, local plans and performance metrics across own area of responsibility.

– Initiates and promotes continuous improvement programs across sphere of influence.

– Leads, motivates and manages a team, typically delivering results through others.

– Allocates resources and responsibilities across team to deliver business results and develop team members.

– Manages and ensures consistent application of human resource processes including career development, salary review, resources and performance management within area of responsibility.

– Evaluates direct reports, and provides formal counseling and mentoring to staff.

– Performs other duties as assigned by the Unit Lead.


– Service Management and Delivery Expert

– Work Planning and budget Skilled – Expert

– Project Management Expert

– Resource Planning Expert

– Business Acumen Experienced – Skilled

– Client Relationship Expert

– Functional Knowledge Expert

– Reporting Skilled

– Knowledge Transfer Expert

– Industry Oil & Gas procurement, Supply Chain Expert

Proficiency Level Definition :

Trained(T) :

– Attended a training course on this skill and/or has had brief exposure to this skill.

– Uses basic terminology in regard to the skill.

– Recognizes and/or articulates basic concepts, facts, methods, techniques in day-to-day work experiences.

Experienced (E) :

– Moderate exposure to this skill and related work experiences.

– Can assist other team members with questions and problems related to this skill

– Applies skill (at basic level to work situations, with some guidance.

Skilled(S) :

– Extensive exposure to this skill and related work experiences.

– Applies skill (at advanced level) to work situations with medium complexity, with little or no guidance.

– May train and/or direct the work of others in application of skill.

Expert(X) :

– Regarded as a center wide resource on this skill.

– Applies detailed knowledge and skills to complex (or new) work situations in multiple settings

– Trains and/or directs work of other in complex facts, methods, and techniques related to the skill.

Minimum Requirement for the Position :

Education(Preferred education level) :

– Bachelors degree in either Business, Sciences, or Arts or related experience required

Certification/ Other Skills Required :

– Working knowledge and experience with computers and internet

– Experience as a Processing Analyst and Supervisor preferred, but not required

– Outsourcing procure to pay operations experience preferred, but not required

– Minimum of 5-8 years experience working in a team environment

Experience (Equivalent job experience substituted for degree) :

– Supervisory experience required of teams greater than 50-70 FTEs

– High attention to detail

– Experience in team interactions

– Ability to quickly identify and provide recommendations on issues

– Strong proficiency in English communication – both written and oral

– Strong motivation

– Ability to prioritize and multi-task

– Basic technical knowledge

– A working knowledge of MS Office products


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