Assistant Manager – Legal – BFSI (3-5 yrs)


– Knowledge of Contract Act, Data Protection Laws, Company Law, Employment Laws, Property laws, FEMA, Intellectual Property Laws, Arbitration Act and Stamp Act

– Drafting and Review of various types of contracts such as employment agreements, employment handbook, other employment related documentation, consultancy agreements, service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, Software licensing agreement, Referral agreements, memorandum of understanding, manufacturing agreement, distribution agreement, transaction documentation, lease agreements, letters, concept notes, memos, undertakings etc.

– Understanding the commercial & legal implications of contract clauses, Risk and obligation assessment of contracts and, identification of risk mitigation strategies.

– Proficiency in drafting and suggesting alternate clauses such as Term, Termination, Renewals, Payment terms, Pricing, Intellectual Property rights, Confidentiality, Non- compete clause, Exclusivity, Indemnification, Limitation of Liability, Arbitration, Governing Law, Jurisdiction.


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